Carbonolgy Sport are supplying me with great racing and training equipment, I race in the Pulse and use their paddles. I have raced in big swells, big wind and on the flat and the boat handles really well. Thanks to Hein and Jason from Carbonolgy Sport for all the support, it is awesome to be part of such great team.10897050_1535506370039307_1563368860661061409_n
Living Sea – They are the driving force for Carbonology Sport in Spain. They also run downwind training camps in the best downwind location - Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, Canary Islands. It is basically summer all your round with wind most of the year, they will sort you out with everything, all you need to bring is your paddling kit. Thank you for your ongoing support.

Vaikobi do the best paddling clothing on the market. They have a V Cold Performance range for when it gets cold and a V Ocean Performance range for hotter conditions. Their Ocean Racing PFD is really comfortable and has a back pocket for hydration on the really hot days or longer sessions. Thank you for your ongoing support and providing me with the best gear by far. Go and check them out to find your nearest dealer. Follow them on Instagram @vaikobi and #Vaikobi #OceanPerformance


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