Swedish Downwind Camp

There is only one spot left for the Swedish Downwind Camp, see below for details.
Chloe Bunnett from South Africa is our coach 2018. Welcome to Aterra Surfski Experience in Helsingborg/Skalderviken Sweden. Chloe is one of the worlds best surfskipaddlers and she will help you to take your paddling to the next level. We will work in small groups during the day so that you can get personal coaching.
Aterra arrange camps for surfski and kayaking in Sweden, Gran Canaria, Portugal, Slovenia and Spain. For the first time we arrange a longer camp in Sweden and invite you here so you can explore our exciting environment. We have fantastic conditions for surfski downwinds. Most of the summer is normally windy and that gives us nice wavy experiences.
Click here to find out more and book DOWNWIND in Sweden


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