Back in Fish Hoek!

We always enjoy our annual visit to Fish Hoek. Downwinds, races, sun and beach. This year we arrived on the 3rd of December the day before the final qualifier for the Cape Point Challenge. I had already qualified but thought it would be great to get a few more km's in the bag and always good to check out parts of the course. The qualifier was a windless day with small swell so it was a very pleasant paddle, well as pleasant as a 35km paddle can be.

Then this past week has been filled with downwinds, dices and races. You can do a race/dice every day of the week around Cape Town. Oh yes and of course every downwind is a race here. Have a look at my latest video of the local races/dices and downwinds.

On Saturday the 17th of December we will all line up for the gruelling Cape Point Challenge, a 52km race around Cape Point and into False Bay, finishing on Fish Hoek beach. Good luck to everyone taking on the challenge. See you out on the water.



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