Nelo Summer Challenge 2016 - videos

It is always great to be back at the Nelo Summer Challenge. The team here really make you feel welcome and looked after.

There was no wind for the first two days when we arrived, but it was great to get on my boat and just get use to the conditions. Yesterday there was a bit of wind, so we headed straight out to sea for a bit and caught some great runs back into the beach. Today the mist has come over so it is a bit on the cool side. The wind is still predicted to blow for the race, so we will just see what happens. Either way, so far it has been great to catch up with friends from all over the world.

Thanks as always to Living Sea, Carbonology Sport and Knysna Racing. Also to Micky from Think Kayaks Europe for transporting my boat for me and to Sean Rice from Paddle Life for your continued help and support.

Happy watching :)

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More videos and clips coming soon. :)


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